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Monday, June 01, 2020

State Deputy Message - June 2018

June 1, 2018


I hope each of you had a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.  To those members of our Patriotic Degree that participated in Color Corps callouts at the Catholic Cemeteries throughout the State I say thank you. I have always found it very rewarding and humbling to be part of the Mass and events to honor not only members of our Armed Forces who gave of themselves for us to enjoy the freedoms we hold precious, but also those that served and were able to return home.

As we begin our final month of this Fraternal Year it is now time to follow through and complete our Programs, bring in those men who have been hesitant, find all the Form 100’s and submit them.  Sandbagging until July not only hurts the Order and your Council, it could have catastrophic impact on the members family should an accident happen.  If Supreme has not recorded the Form 100, the Accidental Death Policy that each member receives for just paying his dues does not go into effect.

Speaking of Programs don’t wait until the end of June to submit your SP-7 form.  Submit it now.  If you still have 1 or 2 programs that won’t finish until late in the month go ahead and list it now and submit the form.  Supreme staff has told State Deputies to encourage this.  Their attitude is that if the program is listed they are sure that Catholic Gentlemen will complete the program already reported.

Now is the time to think about what is left to do to qualify for Columbian, Founders, McGivney and Star Council Awards.  For those that tell me they don’t do it for the awards I remind them that the Award lets current  and future members, along with the Pastor and Parish Community, know that you are active and relevant to the Church. 

Many Councils are very close to several of these awards.  All of these begin with our members, and the more active members we have the more we can do.  Go ahead and bring in the new guys now.  If you don’t have a degree team or there is not once close by, use the DVD.  Remember to notify your DD that you conducted a Degree, so the Form 450 can be sent to Supreme, and send in the Form 100. 

If prospects are still unsure, suggest they join by E-Membership. They will be Knights and then only need to complete their Admission degree and transfer to your Council. When they do this, you still get credit for a new member.

Our Field agents are working to assist those Councils that need Insurance members to reach Star Council status.  It is still the responsibility of our Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries to promote our Insurance benefits. 

Not wanting to look beyond this year until we complete our work, we still need to make plans for the upcoming State Organizational meeting.  Our State Deputy Elect Tom Kalisz is planning to offer additional training for Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries, and other Council Officers during the District Deputy Training.  Look for the Message from State Training Director Bob Julien for details and visit the state website for more information.  Also, at the recent State Convention our State PR Director John Garcia introduced some concepts for updating our State Website and asked you to review the proposals and cast your votes.  The sites were listed on the flyer passed out to the delegates and our SD Elect needs your input by June 15th.

Arizona has the reputation of being strong finishers.  Let’s live up to that reputation and surpass our Supreme Knight’s goals for Arizona in new members and Star Councils. 

As in past years, you will be getting a few more messages from both me and our State Membership Director Kevin McCarthy this month.  Please don’t just trash these but review and work with your Councils to fulfill the legacy of our Founder, the Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney.

Thank you,
Sean Halpain
State Deputy

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Membership Memo - 6/20/18

We keep growing!  We gained 8 more members today.  Our June intake is now 80.  We now have 914 new Brother Knights so far this year, and need 36 to hit our Gross intake target. We lost 1 member today and now need 57 to reach our Net intake goal.  10 Councils appear to be Star-Eligible, including SP-7 reports and Safe Environment. 6 more have met membership and insurance goals.

We encourage DDs and Grand Knights to press on for a strong finish and deliver on their Council’s “convention roll-call” commitments. We have not reached the commitments made at the convention. We need more members than we recruited last year in June to make our goals, and we still need 20 Star Councils.

We have had significant Admission Degrees reported, but all the new members have not yet shown up in our numbers!  Please make sure all form 100s are filed ASAP.  Remember, host Councils will receive a $25 Visa gift card for any Admission degree held in June, (video, read, or from memory).  

All Form 100s must be in the hands of Supreme by 9:00am Saturday June 30, so make sure your councils file on time!

Make sure that your councils get a trained and background-checked Youth Director and get paperwork and background checks filed ASAP .

94 SP-7s are still missing.  Time is running out!  All councils, please  submit SP-7 forms (Columbian Award) as soon as possible.  That way you have time to make adjustments if Supreme has issues with their submission.

Keep up the good work, and we’ll reach our goals. We always finish strong and can do it this year too! 

We're maintaining our position in the Order.

% of Goal
Position =
out of 75

% of Goal
Position =
out of 75

% of Goal
Position =
out of 75

Kevin McCarthy
State Membership Director, State Warden Elect
Arizona State Council
Knights of Columbus
Cell: (602) 684-8125

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

2018 Organization Meeting

Brother Knights,
The Arizona Knights of Columbus State Officers would like to invite all brother knights to attend the 2018 Organization Meeting to be held June 28-29, 2018 at Our Lady of Czestochowa Parish in Phoenix.

The agenda is:

Host: Our Lady of Czestochowa Council 14185
2828 W Country Gables Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85053
Date: June 29- July 1, 2018

Friday June 29 - District Deputies and State Officers
Saturday, June 30 - District Deputies and State Officers along with all Third Degree Brother Knights!
                                NEW - Grand Knight and Council Officer Training
                                NEW - Financial Secretary Training
Sunday, July 1 - District Deputies and State Officers

Click here for Registration Form
Here is the Link to the hotel:
Hotel Name:
Hotel Address:
2536 West Beryl Avenue 
Phoenix, Arizona   85021
Phone Number:
Rates are $79/night for a single room
Group Name:
Arizona Knights of Columbus
Group Code: