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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

State Charity Raffle Update #1

A message from the State Raffle Director, Richard Armanini!  Any questions or comments should be forwarded to Richard at REArmani@cox.net or 480.706.9314 and not sent to the State Exec Sec Rick Garrison. 

This message was sent to all State Officers, District Deputies, and Insurance Agents.  In addition, it was sent to the Grand Knights, Deputy Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries, and Raffle Chairman from last year.  If you are not the Raffle Chairman this year, please send a message to REArmani@cox.net and indicate the new chairman and his e-mail for 2012.  Note: Grand Knights will receive two copies of this message if you have not appointed a chairman. 


We encourage all Grand Knights to appoint a Council Raffle Chairman.  The raffle is an important charity fund raiser for your council.  The raffle is not designed to make more work for the Grand Knight.  If you tried to recruit a chairman last year and were not successful, try again this year.  Ask one of your Knights if he would consider helping the council with a very important project.  Call or talk to him privately rather than at a meeting.


For the 2012 Charity Raffle the following changes were made: 

1.     Goal for 2012 is $224,295 which is a 10% increase over 2011.

2.     District Deputies whose district sells 10% more than 2011 will receive a $50 gift certificate.

3.     Councils that sell 10% over 2011 will receive a plaque.

4.     The deadline for turning ticket stubs and council checks is 12:00 noon May 19, 2012.


Changes for 2011 continue this year: 

5.     The tickets prices are $5 per ticket, a book of 5 tickets for $20 [value $25], and 6 books for $100 [30 tickets which is a $150 value].  The $100 sale is a block sale to one person and not individual sales.  [If someone gives you $100 in a check or cash, give them 6 books of tickets.]

6.     An incentive for councils to sell tickets.  If we reach the State Goal, councils that sell a winning ticket will receive $500.  This incentive applies to all 10 prizes [total of $5,000].  The money comes from the operation costs saved by printing fewer tickets and not from money designated for charity therefore; the incentive [bonus] is not restricted to the 501c3 charity rule.

7.     The award for the four sales contests remains at $300.

8.     All the District Deputies were given 100 books of tickets.  If you need more tickets, please contact your District Deputy. 


As in the past, the Charity Raffle tickets, posters, and Sales Guide were given to the District Deputies at the December Mid-Winter meeting.  All councils should have their materials by now.


Please send e-mail when you have a question.  E-mail questions or concerns to REArmani@cox.net


Vivat Jesus


Richard Armanini

State Charity Raffle Director

3315 E Dry Creek Road

Phoenix, AZ  85044-7022

Telephone:  480.706.9314

Cell phone:  480.639.0590 [new]


"Leadership is action, not a position"

P Please consider the environment before printing this email.



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