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Monday, February 06, 2012

State Charity Raffle Update #2

A message from the State Raffle Director, Richard Armanini!  Any questions or comments should be forwarded to Richard at REArmani@cox.net or telephone 480.706.9314 


This message was sent to all State Officers, District Deputies, and Insurance Agents.  In addition, it was sent to the Grand Knights, Deputy Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries, and Raffle Chairs.   Note: Grand Knights will receive two copies of this message if you have not appointed a chairman. 


The Weekly Update goes to GK, DGK, Fin Sec, and Raffle Chairman for a couple reasons.  The Raffle Chairman is still responsible for the raffle in the councils.  The others receive the information so they know more about the program and so they can support him.  In some cases, the GK does not have electronic mail, his computer is down, or he is on the road and out of contact, then others in the council will know about the program.


A good way to announce and distribute Charity Raffle tickets to all active members is to mail them a one-page letter and tickets.  A letter and two books of Charity Raffle tickets need a 45¢ stamp.  If you mail three books of tickets, each envelope requires 65¢ postage.  Some councils find the extra postage pays dividends. 


Attached also is a template of a letter to council members.  The letter is set up as a merge mail document, signed electronically, and mailed in a window envelope. Use this as a template for your letter or make up and use your own letter.  Use an envelope with a window on bottom left, #10 (4 1/8" x 9 1/2") to eliminate using labels.


At a Council 10062 raffle meeting a Brother Knight suggested that they add tips for selling tickets to the back of the letter.  Two lists of tips were developed.  One was a short list and the other longer.  Pick one or make up your own list to send with your letters.  If you already distributed tickets, use the tips in a newsletter, e-mail to members, or distribute at your next council meeting.  Consider doing all three.


Send us a copy of your letter and tips so we can share new ideas with councils in the future.


You will find more raffle information on the State Web Site: http://www.azknightsofcolumbus.com/stateraffle.htm


[Hold the Ctrl key and click on the link, copy and paste the link in your browser,  or go to the State Web Site and click on the raffle ticket in the left panel.] 


Please send e-mail if you have a question, concerns, or need more information.  E-mail REArmani@cox.net


Vivat Jesus


Richard Armanini

State Charity Raffle Director

3315 E Dry Creek Road

Phoenix, AZ  85044-7022

Telephone:  480.706.9314

Cell phone:  480.639.0590 [new]


"Leadership is action, not a position"

P Please consider the environment before printing this email.



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