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Monday, February 13, 2012

State Charity Raffle Update #3

A message from the State Raffle Director, Richard Armanini!  Any questions or comments should be forwarded to Richard at REArmani@cox.net or telephone 480.706.9314 


This message was sent to all State Officers, District Deputies, and Insurance Agents.  In addition, it was sent to the Grand Knights, Deputy Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries, and Raffle Chairmen.   


At this time, all councils should have a supply of raffle tickets and hard copy of the Sales Guide, English Posters and Spanish Posters [if they need them].  All posters are distributed so if you need more, you will need to download and print them from the web site.  Electronic version of materials is posted on the State Web Site.  The link is http://www.azknightsofcolumbus.com/stateraffle.htm


By now:


  1. Councils should have a raffle chair to lead the local sales campaign, provide information to council members, and put announcements in newsletter and/or church bulletins. 


  1. Councils should have named a charity which helps sell tickets.  It takes just as long to decide the charity in January as it will next summer after the 2012 raffle has ended.


  1. Councils should have set a goal to help challenge members to sell tickets.


Please send e-mail when you have a question, concerns, or need more information.  E-mail REArmani@cox.net 


Vivat Jesus


Richard Armanini

State Charity Raffle Director

3315 E Dry Creek Road

Phoenix, AZ  85044-7022

Telephone:  480.706.9314

Cell phone:  480.639.0590 [new]


"Leadership is action, not a position"

P Please consider the environment before printing this email.



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