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Monday, March 05, 2012

State Charity Raffle Update #5

A message from the State Raffle Director, Richard Armanini!  Any questions or comments should be forwarded to Richard at REArmani@cox.net or telephone 480.706.9314

This message was sent to all State Officers, District Deputies, and Insurance Agents.  In addition, it was sent to the Grand Knights, Deputy Grand Knights, Financial Secretaries, and Raffle Charimen. 

 Just fewer than 1,800 men attended the Men’s Conference February 25th at Grand Canyon University

St Catherine of Sienna Parish had 160 men in attendance which was the most of any parish in the Diocese.  Victor Vidales shared with the audience the secret of how they recruited that many men.   Fr Ramirez told the committee that he would like every man from the parish to attend.  He also announced the Men's Conference at all Masses for eight weeks.  After each Mass, the committee recruited.  They raised money to help fund the registration fee.  Congratulations on a job well done!

In addition to congratulating the effort of the committee from St Catherine of Sienna, the reason I am telling you about their success is to share with you how it happened.  There was a challenge, a commitment, and exposure.  

The challenge came from the leaders of the Men’s Conference; the commitment came from the Parish leaders, and the exposure from the techniques they used to reach their goal. 

In the case of the Knights of Columbus State Charity Raffle, the challenge comes from the State Officers, the commitment from the Council leaders, and the exposure from how the raffle is promoted. 

There is a good reason Budweiser has so many commercials on TV during sporting events.  That is their exposure to sell beer.  How often is the Charity Raffle mentioned in your meetings newsletters, website, e-mail, church bulletin, fish dinners, or other events?  That is your exposure to sell tickets.

We all know that Charity is the lesson of the 1st Degree.  The raffle [ticket] is the vehicle to help raise money for your charity.  The success of the raffle is one way for you to fulfill the lesson of the 1st Degree.  When we talk about raffle tickets, we are talking in code.  We are really saying, “Money that is raised for charity”.  Only ten people claim the prizes, charity is the big winner from the results of the State Charity Raffle.

All that being said; you are thinking but Father will only lets us sell tickets after Mass for three weekends or in some cases we are not allowed to sell tickets after Masses in our Parish.

So think outside the box.  What are other ways to sell the tickets?  Attached is a list of Sales Tips some councils put on the back of the letters they sent to each active member along with a couple books of tickets.  You already mailed your tickets; so distribute the list to your members at your meetings, e-mail and in your newsletters.  If you have a monthly newsletter, put an article in the newsletter about the raffle each month.  Use material from the Study Guide, tell them about your goal, charity, and now close you are to reaching the goal.

Father is probably your Chaplin; do you forward information regarding the raffle to him along with these Updates?  Let us help you reach FatherDo not send this Update to him with a note saying, “see Father this is what we could do if you supported us.”  Instead, send him all the Updates so when he reads this one, it is not threatening to him but maybe something he should try.  Pray for your Priest.

Vivat Jesus

Richard Armanini

State Charity Raffle Director

3315 E Dry Creek Road

Phoenix, AZ  85044-7022

Telephone:  480.706.9314

Cell phone:  480.639.0590 [new]


"Leadership is action, not a position"

P Please consider the environment before printing this email.



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