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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Arizona Responders program



The Arizona Knights of Columbus Second Responders program is slowly forming this year, I have a few key players in this Community Outreach program.  This program was announced by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson at the 129th Supreme Convention held in Denver.  This statewide program will help local councils to prepare to serve as "Second Responders" by providing food, clothing and shelter.  I would like the program to expand as a "Search and Rescue" team that will help local authorities find missing persons lost in the forest or desert.  Imagine,  the Knights of Columbus helping find a missing people in our vast forest or hot desert's of Arizona, not only physically, but in our prayers.  We are the power of "ONE" in this state, Team Arizona!  This program will be taking off throughout the order, each state will have their own program, let Arizona set the example and lead the Western Districts.  I would like as many Knights as possible to volunteer for this program, once I have enough we can start training.  Please email me your contact information


God bless


Luigi Baratta DD12#

Community Director



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