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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Proclaim Liberty - New eBook by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

Dear Brother Knight,

This November, we and our fellow citizens will exercise our right to vote. In their document Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, the Bishops of the United States have called "Catholics to form their consciences in the light of their Catholic faith and to bring our moral principles to the debate and decisions about candidates and issues."

Today, a new resource is available to help you and other Catholics form your conscience in keeping with our Catholic principles. A short new eBook by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, Proclaim Liberty: Notes on the Next Great Awakening in America, brings the issues confronting us in political races and ballot initiatives large and small into focus, using the lens of Catholic social teaching.

Catholics now make up about a quarter of our country's population. The supreme knight's eBook shows how Catholics — by voting in a manner consistent with Catholic social teaching — can transcend our broken politics and excessive partisanship. It lays out a roadmap to truly transforming our country.

The eBook can be downloaded and read on your Kindle, Nook or other eReader. It can also be read on a tablet or computer if you download the free app or software. The cost of the eBook is $2.99 and, as with all of the supreme knight's books, all author proceeds go to charity.

More information, as well as links to eBook sellers, is available at:  kofc.org/proclaimliberty


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