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Friday, January 11, 2013

A Message From The State Secretary January 2013

A Message from the State Secretary
January 2013

Please be aware that the Arizona State Per Capita assessment statements for the 2nd half of fraternal year 2012-2013 have been created and emailed your council’s Financial Secretary in mid-January 2013.  We are using the council’s Financial Secretary’s email address listed in the current State Directory. If we do not have his email address, we will USPS mail the statement to the Financial Secretary’s mailing address listed in the State Directory.

According to the State By-Laws, Article 8, Section 5:
“All subordinate councils in Arizona shall be entitled to a discount of ten (10) cents per taxable member on the amount of the State Council per capita assessment for the current period if paid within thirty (30) days of billing, and if not paid within thirty (30) days no discount shall be allowed.”
You will see this rebate on your statement. If your council pays their Per Capita and the envelope the check is USPS mailed to the State Secretary is postmarked on or before by March 2, 2013, the council is entitled to this discount.

In accordance to the Supreme By-Laws, Section 57:
“Councils failing to pay such assessments or Supreme Council assessments shall not be entitled to representation in their State Council until they do pay the same and any arrears.”
Your council is required to pay the entire State Per Capita assessment and Arrearage before the Arizona State Convention on May 17, 2013, in order to seat your council’s delegates in the State Convention.

Also, the St. Joseph’s Youth Camp and Navarrete Vocations listed on the statement are voluntary. Although they are not required to be paid, we strongly suggest your council pays these voluntary amounts. All funds collected a given to St. Joseph’s Youth Camp or used for Vocations accordingly.

Please make the Per Capita check payable to “Arizona State Council, Knights of Columbus.” Please USPS mail the check to:  Larry Becker, State Secretary, 1701 West Houston Ave, Gilbert, AZ 85233-1708.

Please contact State Secretary Larry Becker at azlarry@cox.net with any questions or concerns.

Vivat Jesus!

Larry Becker


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