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Monday, March 04, 2013

K of C Charity Raffle Update #4

There is a very good reason so many Bud Light commercials are on TV during sports events. Marketing people know that the more you hear a product name the more likely you will buy the produce. The same is true for the Charity Raffle.

Attached is a document, ‘Information for Brother Knights’ that included motivational charts and tables. It is best to share this information one page at a time over the next couple of months. However, you decide how and when you give your members the material. The more members know about the raffle, the better job they will do raising money for charity.

Page 8 of this document lists ‘Best Practices’. These items were due in January and February. However, there is still time to do these things. It is better to do them late than not at all.

State Goal is $250,000. Stretch goal is $253,600. [If we reach our stretch goal, every council that sells one of the ten winning tickets receives a $500 bonus. See Sales Incentives on page 14 of the 2013 Sales Guide.]

The total sales as of today are $9,115 which is 3.6% of our state goal.


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