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Monday, March 31, 2014

2014-Substance Abuse Poster Contest Winners

Thank you to all the Councils that participated in the 2014 Substance Abuse Poster Contest.

The Winning Posters were previewed last week at the Basketball Free Throw Finals in Tucson.

This contest is a testament of our young people's vision, creatively expressed in their; Slogan, Artistic Merit and Overall Impact.

The winners will receive, by April 30, 2014, a letter by Bryant Sayers-State Deputy and a $50.00 Gift Card and will be sent to the attention of the Grand Knight of the entering Council. The winning entries will be entered for the Supreme International Competition.

The 2014 Substance Abuse Poster Contest Winners are:

Age 12-14: Drug Awareness & Abuse-Cheyenne Mulroy, Council 12851
Age 12-14: Alcohol Awareness & Abuse-Candy Garza, Council 12851

Age 8-11  : Drug Awareness & Abuse;
                 Joey Sanchez-Council 1031
                 Collier Trcic-Council 2493

Age 8-11  : Alcohol Awareness & Abuse;  
                 Issac McKean-Council 2493
                 Selena Cardenas-Council 12696

Congratulations to all the participants of this year's program.
Winning entries as attached.

Vivat Jesus,

-Rudy Cavolina, 
 Program Director
 Arizona State Council
 Knights of Columbus

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'One Member, Per Council, Per Month'


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