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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Black Friday Dinner at St. Vincent de Paul

Brother Knights,


On Friday, November 28, 2014, we have been asked to help serve Dinner at St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall, located at 420 W. Watkins Road, Phoenix, AZ.  This meal is better known as the "Family Meal". Call time is 3:30pm and Dinner time is from 4:00pm to 6:30pm (usually finish up between 6:00-6:15pm).  As you can see This date and time will not be interfering with you and your family's Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.  We are in need of 20 people to help out at dinner time.  The St Vincent de Paul staff will provide/schedule volunteers for the family evening meal.  Not only dinner will be served, but we will be donating approximately 300 coats for needy children and twenty-five adult wheelchairs.  All of the coats and wheelchairs were arranged by our State Deputy Larry Becker and Former District Master Mike Kingman!   So the first twenty (20) people who sign up will get the opportunity to help distribute the coats and wheelchairs!  We anticipate many will want to help out in this project, but we only will have room for the first twenty volunteers!  This is the season to help those in need and we can't think of a better way to help the needy.  We are blessed to have what we have and it is great that we can make other feel the same.  

Also on November 28th we will need six (6) people from 3:00 to 6:30pm at the St Vincent de Paul Dining Room in Downtown Phoenix (9th Avenue and Jackson) to help make pizzas!  Call time will be 2:45pm.  Once again, There will be many who will be volunteering to help out making pizzas but we will take the first six (6) people who signs up!  


Councils, this will be a great opportunity to add or fulfill your Community Activity for the month of November.  And to let you know, this is not just for Phoenix and its surrounding cities and towns, but this invitation goes out to Tucson and Flagstaff and their surrounding cities and towns.   We will be accepting the first 26 qualified people to help serve dinner and make pizzas..  In order to be eligible to work the dinner, a person will be at least 8 years old (8-14 must be accompanied by parent/guardian) but NO sign affidavits are required.   

So as you can see, these can be family activities with family member(s) helping out, which equates to be a fun events.  So if you volunteer please wear conservative comfortable clothing with closed in shoes.   Come out and help us on November 28, 2014.  Don't wait to sign up, these slots will fill up fast!! 



I am the contact person for this activity and my contact information is below.  I await your response.

Yours in Christ.


Knights of Columbus

State Community Director

Chester (Chet) R. Yancy

649 N. Roanoke

Mesa, AZ  85205-6308


Home:  (480) 218-0893

Cell:     (602) 309-1246




  1. Our Council would like to help your council join you...

    please call me to organize our effforts... Fr. Joseph Francis LePage,FHS 480 435 6955