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Thursday, January 01, 2015

Eagle Scout Project - Knights in Action

Seamus Thomas' Eagle Scout Project at Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School was the installation of a 25' Flag Pole, seating wall, and paver patio dedicated to the Four Chaplains of the USAT Dorchester which was sunk by a German U-Boat on February 3, 1943. After passing out all of the available life jackets, they gave up their own jackets so others might live. They all drown that day. 

The project took place over the Christmas Holiday.

1) Brother Knight Donald Vath of Council 11855, provides technical suggestions to Eagle Scout Candidate Seamus Thomas

2) Future Knight Billy Barrett helps to dig the 36" wide and 48" deep hole for the flag pole. 

3) The trench for the footer of the seating is being dug under a canopy. What luck that it would rain in Tucson for the first time weeks on the first day of the project

4) SK Bill Buhs of Council 13272 & Assembly 2308 gives technical advice to Eagle Scout Candidate Seamus Thomas on how to install the flag pole base

5) Finally, a sunny day when the seating wall is installed

6) The completed memorial garden.

7) The seating wall has three levels and a paver patio with engraved pavers.

8) One of the pavers dedicated to Fred Welch who served our nation in Vietnam.


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