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Saturday, August 01, 2015

State Deputy Message - August 2015

August 1, 2015


Every year, the State Deputy picks a central them to help set the tone for growth and strong programs. The Arizona Knights of Columbus 2015-2016 fraternal year’s theme is “Find Us Ready Lord”. Yes, this is a song written by Arizona song writer Tom Booth. Last year’s theme “I will Choose Christ, Will Choose Love, I Choose to Serve” was also written by Tom Booth.  Last year’s theme dealt with the Dignity of Man and how we chose to live our lives. This year’s theme deals with the Destiny of Man and how we prepare ourselves for our final reward. Are we prepared for death? Have we done all we can do now to prepare? We can prepare with Service, Prayer, Charity, Unity, Fraternity, & Patriotism.  We need to build our Order stronger so together we can work to combat the evil lurking in our world today.

This year’s State Pin looks very similar to last’s year’s pin, with the theme “Find Us Ready Lord” on top. You see the Knights are at the core of the Catholic Church in Arizona. The “Precious Baby’s Feet” are an outward sign of our strong support of the Culture of Life. The colors are turquoise and silver, which are both found in Arizona. Turquoise is formed from Cooper, Aluminum, Phosphate, and 30 million years of water tinkling over it. The color of the turquoise in our Sate Pin is called “Sleeping Beauty Turquoise”, which is found in Globe, Arizona. Wherever you find copper, you will find turquoise. Copper is a dignified metal found in our wire and pipes. The destiny of copper includes turquoise. Please wear your State Pin with pride!

Welcoming new members to your council is vitally important for your council’s survival. We strongly encourage every council to organize your own First Degree or Admission Degree team. You should memorize your roles, or read them, or even show the production DVD of the degree in a dignified manner. Please plan to conduct a First Degree every month during this fraternal year. This fraternal year, Supreme has asked us to name our Holy Father, Pope Francis, as the class honoree of all our First Degrees. Your District Deputy will discuss this with you in more depth at your District Meeting this summer.

Please pray the Prayer of St. Michael the Archangel at the end of every meeting and gathering. With religious freedom being threatened, our Christian brothers and sisters be martyred for their beliefs, the assault on the culture of life, and the constant attacks on the sacrament of marriage, I sincerely believe that Satan is hard at work. He is destroying our society and Church while working on every family, man, woman, and child to not follow the teachings of our Catholic Church. We must keep our councils and assemblies strong to fight this battle and defend everything we know as good. Please pray that St. Michael will protect us and our Lord will guide us so we will remain victorious and continue to build our Church with service and faith.

Vivat Jesus!

Larry Becker
State Deputy

Arizona State Council


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