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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Black Friday SVdP Dining Hall

Brother Knights and families,
It’s that time again!  The weather is cooling down and the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn brown, red, and yellow.  As the cool temperatures arrive our thoughts are turning to the holiday season of Thanksgiving.  I would like to invite you and your family to help us serve and feed the hungry and needy on Friday, November 27, 2015 at the St. Vincent de Paul Family Dining Room, 420 West Watkins Rd, Phoenix, AZ, 85003.  We will need 20-30 volunteers for this event.  We will be helping out in the areas of: Food preparation, setting up tables, serving meals, waiting on tables, and clean up. 
Since the number of volunteers needed this year is less than last year, we suggest that you sign up as soon possible.
Here are the basic details of the events of the day:
1. Kitchen -
Duties: Help in prep and other duties needed in the kitchen.     
Time: 3:00 - 6:30 pm            
Number People Needed: 10       
2. Dining Room -
Duties: Table prep, serving, clean-up,                     
Time:4:00 - 6:30 pm            
Number People Needed:20
Please note, our Volunteer I.D. Number: 151008
Attachment #1:  It gives detail information regarding the day, requirements of clothing, shoes, age limits and parking.
Attachment #2:  Release Form of Liability.  Please note: if you volunteered last year or for July 3, 2015, it is not necessary for you to complete this form.
Attachment #3:  St. Vincent de Paul Center Driving Map.
We were told that St. Vincent de Paul is in need of clothing and other items for families in need this holiday season as well.  Councils... This is a great way for you and members to help out and partly fulfill your requirement(s) toward next year’s Columbian and Star Council Awards.  So when you come bring some clothing or toy(s) with you!  There will be a place to leave your donated items at SVdP.
What a great way to fulfill that requirement(s) and feel better afterward, because you will have helped some needy family this holiday season.
Please complete the following:
Name(s): _________________,
Total Volunteering _____
Kitchen: _________,
Serving/Dining Area: _______,
Kitchen: ________
Will you be bringing Clothing or Toy(s) with you: Yes____, No_____?
Please complete the above and return to me via email as soon as possible.  I will let you know what area(s) you will be assigned to beginning November 18, 2015.
I like to be the first to thank you in helping the Knights of Columbus and St. Vincent de Paul help those in need this holiday season.  We need your support and enthusiasm in order for this to be a success. Please volunteer!!
Vivat Jesus!
Chet Yancy
Knights of Columbus
Arizona State Council
State Program Director
(480) 218-0893 (h)
(602) 309-1246 (c)


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