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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Council 12246 Knights support of Family Promise

Happy New Year!

For those who helped last week: THANK YOU for sharing your TIME, TALENT and TREASURE with our Family Promise families!

The week flew by and one of our families (Sara Hedlund and her 4 kids) was placed into an apartment on New Year's Day, truly a reason to celebrate!

May God Bless you and yours in 2016!

Fran and Tracy

In addition to providing a "heads up" for the June 26 - July 3 hosting event, I wanted to thank the men (and women) that helped out over the holidays. We built four temporary rooms, we deconstructed the rooms at the end of the week, and we organized the structural supplies (poles and tarps) so that in the future we will be very organized. 

Thanks to Jim Clarida, David Carerra, Rich Zawtocki, Ron and Sara Ellenberger,  Tim Fitzgerald, Al Van Vianen, and Rudy Cavolina.


Here's the entire set up team, thanks as always to wives and friends that supported this great event.


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