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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Big News! Fatima Women Center 4-D Ultrasound Machine

Great news! Today, Fatima Women Center received the matching fund check from Supreme for their 4-D Ultrasound machine. 
I spoke with Kelly Copeland today. He very excited and said that the machine is about 10 days away from being delivered. The center has spoken with the Diocese of Tucson about a blessing ceremony when the machine is operational and ready to be used. We should expect an invite for an event to be held in the next few weeks or so. I would like to have a 4th Degree Call Out at the center that day. I would also like to make it a huge Knights, presence at the ceremony in Tucson. This is a big deal! Please feel free to pass this message on.
Again, thank you to our State 4-D Ultrasound Initiative Project Chairman Ron Cacini, Henry Armstrong, the MBC Foundation, Council 9800, and to all the Brothers, Councils and Assemblies who generously donated towards this great cause.
We will be helping to save many, many lives! Praise be to God!
Vivat Jesus!
Larry Becker
State Deputy
Arizona State Council


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