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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Circle of Honor - Together We Can Make It!

Worthy Grand Knights and Brothers all,

Wow!   We are so close! The fraternal year-end is fast approaching. Since the beginning of this fraternal year, we have been working to help you and your councils earn the Star Council Award. We would love to have your councils earn a multi-Star Council Award level! Star council is based on a balance of membership and insurance, programs, forms submitted, and assessments paid. Council leaders and every member in each council should be driving your councils to success and earning the Star Council Award.

As State Deputy, I am doing likewise, in driving the jurisdiction to earn the Circle of Honor Award. This award is a balance of membership and retention quotas, and programs through Star Council attainment throughout the Arizona jurisdiction. Every council in Arizona has a stake in earning this award.


The area that I need your help in is membership. As of today, we are only 112 new members short of making this goal. In June 2015, we had 117 new members join our Order in Arizona. Based on this, I believe that together, we can meet our goal. If every council in Arizona recruited just 1 or 2 additional new members above where they are today, have them attend an Admissions Degree, and submitted their Form 100’s to Supreme via email, by June 24, we will meet the goal.


Remember that the Admissions Degree can be completed by utilizing either the production DVD or on-line. You don’t have to wait for a memorized or a read degree ceremony. Please make every effort to bring candidates through the degree as soon as they are voted on at the council’s meeting in June. If you have Form 100’s for candidates waiting for a degree ceremony, please schedule one as soon as possible and bring them to the ceremony yourself. A very effective way to get candidates to a ceremony is to pick them up at their home and drive them to the ceremony.

Please submit all the new member Form 100’s you may already have. Some councils are holding them for the next fraternal year. Don’t wait! These new members cannot enjoy the fraternal benefits that the Order offers them until they have their Form 100 processed at Supreme, and your councils can’t benefit from the strength and energy of these new members. Please do not mail the forms to Supreme. Submit them via email to membershiprecords@kofc.org 


I know I sound like a broken record, but we are so close to earning the Circle of Honor, that it would be a shame to miss it. Arizona has not earned this award in seven years. It is time to be winners again. Together, we can do this!


Thank you in advance for your support.


Vivat Jesus!


Larry Becker

State Deputy

Arizona State Council



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