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Friday, September 09, 2016

Knights in Action photos - Worthy District Master participates in 9-11 Ceremony in Tucson

On the 9th of September 2016 at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School in Tucson at 10:20 am, Sir Knights from four different assemblies gathered to conduct a 9-11 ceremony for over 400 students and 100+ parents and grandparents.  This was the first ever 9-11 ceremony for the school.  The principal, Mrs. Charlene Roll, asked the Knights if they could put on a ceremony since none of her students were even born when the 9-11 attacks took place and this year is the 15th Anniversay of the 9-11 attacks.  The school family at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School got a surprise when our Worthy District Master, Sir Knight Bryant Sayers and his wife and grandson announced they would be honored to participate in our ceremony.
The ceremony honored first responders from 9-11 and today.  First responders and scouts placed a rose in a vase which after the ceremony was escorted by the Honor Guard over to church.  Knights raised a large 11'x15' flag and Principal Roll presented St. Michael the Archangel coins to first responders.  The sun was shining brightly and this combination of Grandparents Day and Patriot Day that started with Mass and a continental breakfast for Grandparents was a great success.

These 8 photos capture Knights in Action during the ceremony.

IMG 2087  Sir Knights from 4 assemblies responded to Principal Roll’s request for a 9-11 ceremony for her students at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School.  None of the students were alive when the 9-11 attacks occurred.  In this photo, the Honor Guard presents sword as Father Albert and Father Bala say the opening prayer.

IMG_2166  The Honor Guard salutes our first responders.  Principal Roll had students’ parents in uniform representing the Military, Firefighters, Police, and Medical first responders.

IMG_2201  The Honor Guard stands at the Carry as school nurse Joyce on behalf of all medical first responders places a rose in the vase that was taken to the altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary in church after the ceremony.

IMG_2219 The Honor Guard salutes the scouts as the narrator tells the students and grandparents how scouts mobilized and collected over 150,000 bottles of water for rescue workers at ground zero.  Scout leaders at Saints Peter and Paul are parents serving in the Military and on the police force.

IMG_2263  Sir Knights in the Color Guard, assisted by first responders, prepare to raise an 11 foot by 15 foot flag on the school’s flagpole that was built 2 years ago as an Eagle Scout project supported by the Knights of Columbus in the Bishop Francis J. Green Council 11855.

IMG_2311  Sir Knight Bryant Sayers, our Worthy District Master, addresses students and grandparents at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School in their first ever 9-11 ceremony.  He was accompanied by his wife and his grandson.  Students presented him with a 3 foot tall thank you card.

IMG_2352  After the Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School 9-11 ceremony, Sir Knights of the Honor Guard gathered for a  group photo in front of the school flagpole with principal Charlene Roll.

IMG_2371  After the 9-11 ceremony at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School, Color Corps Commander (and Faithful Navigator) Sir Knight Bill Barrett and Sir Knight Frank Herran from the Fr. Anthony Rey Assembly # 3617 answer questions from third grade students about the Knights of Columbus and even let the students touch the engraving on their swords. 

Rick Riess
Deputy Grand Knight Council 11855 and Narrator for the 9-11 Ceremony


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