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Thursday, March 02, 2017

State Deputy Message - March 2017


As we enter this season, Pope Francis reminds us that during Lent we are urgently called to conversion.   Christians are asked to return to God with all their hearts (Joel 2:12), to refuse to settle for mediocrity and to grow in friendship with the Lord,  utilizing our Supreme programs of Building the Domestic Church while strengthening our Parishes is an excellent foundation for taking action on our Holy Father's Lenten Theme. 

Lent is an opportune time for our members to step into the Breach and become the Leader of Your Domestic Church. What better time do we have to show our families the strength of our spiritual leadership displayed in a humble, penitential manner.  As the apostles discovered in the Gospels, it is difficult to accomplish your mission alone. There is strength in numbers. 

And like many before us who have experienced doubt and fatigue on their journey of faith, so too do the members of our Councils encounter these feelings over the years.  When our faith becomes tepid we often turn to spiritual retreats or other Parish resources to rekindle the fire of our faith. Rather than walk this journey alone, we rely on our Parish community to rekindle our passion.

As in our faith journey, our Councils and members go through these same cycles.  These are the times we need to bring in new members to join us and to strengthen us with their youth, enthusiasm and new ideas. 

Ash Wednesday, March 1, begins the season of Lent as well as a time for us to conduct recruiting events and church drives to bring these new members into our Councils.  During this season of Lent Pope Francis calls us to not settle for mediocrity in our spiritual life, neither should our Councils settle for mediocrity in service to their priests and Parishes.

Accept this challenge to evangelize our faith and grow our order so together we enter the triumphant Easter Season with stronger Councils firmly grounded in our love and friendship with our Lord.

Vivat Jesus,

Sean Halpain

Arizona State Deputy


  1. My name is Deacon Richard, I am the Grand Knight for Council 9446 and I publish a news letter for our members. In the past I looked forward to publishing letters from our State Deputy. I am disappointed that I am not able to publish info that is pertinent for our brothers. Thank you for your past letters. God Bless