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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fourth Degree Exemplification - Tucson - March 3

Brothers All;
Each ‘degree’ of the Knights of Columbus is associated with a particular virtue, the fourth being “Patriotism”. Consequently, the 4th Degree is often known as ‘The Patriotic Degree’.
It was established in New York on 22 February, 1900. The requirements for joining the 4th are that a brother Knight must be a third degree member in good standing, be an exemplary Catholic, and be of sound citizenship of his country.
The Fourth Degree is frequently regarded as an honorary title but should rather be thought of in terms of service to church and country, and the goals of the Fourth Degree may be summarized as the promotion of the ideals of Catholicism and Patriotism side by side.
In more detail, these goals may be stated as:
  • To promote and strengthen the patriotic spirit of the civic community.
  • To educate its members, and others, both in the teachings of Holy Mother Church, and the history of our nation.
  • To promote by example the highest type of citizenship so necessary for the preservation and perpetuation of republican form of government, and its democratic institutions.
  • To oppose dissemination and spread of doctrine dangerous to our form of government, and to the Divine law of faith and morality.
  • To support by word and deed, the duly constituted authorities of local, state and national government, and to recognize excellence in public life.
Therefore, it is not unusual to find Fourth Degree Knights participating visibly in church events, such as Eucharistic processions, and others, and in the community, standing up for the unborn and the elderly at Pro-Life events, and commemorating the sacrifices of previous generations.
The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship and a love of and loyalty to the Knights' respective countries through active membership in local Fourth Degree groups called assemblies.
The next Patriotic Exemplification will take place on March 3, 2018 in Tucson, Arizona. The full packet can be found here:

Please take the time during both Council and Assembly meetings to promote the Fourth Degree Exemplification and encourage Third Degree or lower members to attain the title of Sir Knight. Make sure a candidate receives the full packet of information which includes valuable instructions on what is needed for registration. 
Note: Forms can be filled out on your computer then printed. This is the preferred method to ensure legibility.  

At this time when our way of life is being challenged both locally and globally, we ask that all men rise up to answer the call of becoming a Fourth Degree member to show that we will publicly defend both our rights and religious responsibilities. 

Vivat Jesus!
Bryant Sayers
Arizona State District Master

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Veterans Benefit - Tucson

The Msgr. James T. Weber Assembly #2152 held its 15th Annual Veterans Benefit Dinner last November 11 to raise funds for the personal needs of veteran patients at the Southern Arizona VA Hospital in Tucson.  On Feb 2, 2018, members of the Weber Assembly visited Deborah Brookshire, VA Volunteer Services supervisor and presented her with a check for $3,000.00, the proceeds of that dinner. Photo shows (l-r) Faithful Captain Chris Rod, Faithful Navigator Emmanuel “Dutch” Steenbakker, Deborah Brookshire, NEW S.K. Charles Beaty, Faithful Pilot Fred Falgiano.

The dinner is known as the Richard J. Venegas Veterans Benefit Dinner in honor of S.K. Richard J. Venegas, PFN and former color corps callout coordinator for Tucson, and one of the kindest and most deeply faithful Knights many of us have ever known.

The dinner on Veterans Day featured keynote speaker Ron Furtak, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret). Col. Furtak was a Search and Rescue (SAR) pilot in Vietnam with almost 900 hours combat time on 191 missions for the rescue of 27 souls. He is today a DOCENT at the Pima Air & Space Museum. 

The Weber Assembly Color Corps demonstrated the Flag-Folding Ceremony (which you can see here http://kofcknights.org/AssemblyPhotoGalleries.asp?A=2152) and the powerful and moving  POW/MIA ceremony. We also had a display of military memorabilia from WW I to the war on terror. 

We had a record turnout and eagerly look forward to Veterans Benefit Dinner No. 16 next year.

Vivat Jesus!