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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

State Deputy Message - May 2018

May 5, 2018


May is here!  We still have two months to complete all the Council and State Projects and to achieve our Supreme Knight goals.  Will you earn the McGivney Award, the Columbian Award, or the Founders Award?  Will you be a Star Council? All are visible signs to your membership, Pastor and Parish that the Knights of Columbus are here to serve and do so with Pride.

Many are preparing for the Annual State Convention, being held this year in Tucson.  But this is not the time to become lax.  Schools are getting out soon, students are graduating or moving up in school.  Many of the men who had commitments to support their children at school will soon have some time available. 

Spring and Summer are not times to be complacent and take a break on recruiting men to join us as we serve our Bishops, Pastors and Parish communities.  It is actually a great time.  By bringing in new members now, they get a chance to make contributions for the balance of this year, learn about our activities and processes, and help shape the programs you will begin at the start of the next Fraternal Year.  Don’t wait.  Invite these men to join you now. If they are still too busy to attend an Admission Degree, assist them to join through E-Membership and list your Council or Parish on the form.

Speaking of the State Convention, if you are a District Deputy or State Committee Chairman your annual report is due to the State Executive Secretary Rick Garrison by the start of the meeting on May 18th.

Our State Program Director Larry Powers will have exciting news and a challenge to kick start our Ultrasound program to raise funds for a machine to save even more of the unborn in our state. Supporting Life at Every Stage.

Did you take the opportunity to attend the Supreme Webinar on April 24th?  Have you taken advantage of any of these Supreme sponsored and conducted training sessions?  Your District Deputy was given the schedule for the entire year and it is listed on the Supreme Website. 

This session was “Fishing is like Recruiting”.  The three simple points of the training were 1) Successful Fishing is not being random or lucky! 2) Successful fishing is about local knowledge! and 3) Successful Fishing is just like Successful Recruiting. 

Broken down the message was to fish where the fish are.  You know your Parishes.  Many now don’t look the same as they did several years ago.  Just as the Catholic church has become more diverse over the years so have our Parishes.  Has your Council?  If so, Congratulations. You are on your way to fulfilling Fr. McGivney’s dream and our Supreme Knights charge.  If not, now is a good time to reach out to another Catholic man who might look, speak, or sound different and invite him to bring his family and himself into our family of brother Knights.  Ask them to join you as you Step into the Breach for Christ.

May is also a time when Council prepare for or conduct their Council elections.  Consider carefully your brothers that are willing to serve in Council Office positions.  It is not always easy but seek out and elect those brothers who will lead your Council to serve you community and evangelize the faith.

I am excited about the next two months.  Arizona has shown Supreme and other states that we are strong closers.  We finish strong and don’t falter down the home stretch.  Don’t forget the $4.50 rebate from Supreme for every billable member when you earn Star Council status.  That pays for many of the members who have struggled to keep current.

Keep up the good work in your Councils, in your Parishes, in your Communities, but most importantly in your families and your personal life. 

Be proud to say that you are a Catholic Gentlemen and a Knight of Columbus.

Vivat Jesus,

Sean Halpain
State Deputy


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