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The 2016-2017 Arizona State Advocate is Luigi Baratta.


Arizona State Council presented 10 resolutions to the delegates at the 134th Supreme convention held in Toronto, Canada on August 2-4, 2016.  List below are the 10 resolutions from Arizona. The Supreme reaction to each resolution will be in bold letters. (Original Resolution as Submitted Attached)

Resolution 1.  In honor of Pope Francis-Adopted
Resolution 2-3.  In Solidarity with our Bishops and Priest-Adopted
Resolution 6.  Salutations to Supreme Knight-Adopted
Resolution 7.   Felicitations to Supreme Knight-Adopted
Resolution 16.  Beatification of the Venerable Servant of God father Michael J. McGivney-Adopted
Resolution 10.   Building a Culture of Life-Adopted Substitute resolution presented by Supreme Resolution Committee-In Support a Culture of Life.
Resolution 11.   In Defense of Religious Liberty-Adopted Substitute resolution presented by Supreme Resolution Committee-The Right to Religious freedom.
Resolution 12.   Support for the Institution of Marriage-Adopted Substitute resolution presented by Supreme Resolution Committee-Supporting a Culture of Marriage.
Resolution 13.  In support of our Armed Forces and Service Personal-Adopted Substitute presented by Supreme Resolution Committee-Support for the Armed Forces.
Resolution 15.  Lawrence J. Becker for Supreme Director-No Action

The following 4 Resolution were presented by the Board of Directors and all were Adopted.  You may access the Supreme website at http://www.kofc.org/en/conv/2016/resolutions/index.html to read in the detail the following resolutions and also the substitutes:
Resolution 348: National Healing and Reconciliation
Resolution 349: In Support of the Hyde Amendment.
Resolution 350: Repealing Section 110 of the Laws of the Order (See Below)
Resolution 351: Amending Section 128 of the Laws of the Order. (See Below)

Respectfully submitted
Luigi Baratta

Arizona State Advocate


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